Professional Health Psychologist
Helping you to achieve a healthy balance in your life
Durham and Online
Durham and Online
Helping you to achieve a healthy balance in your life
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Psychology Services

Hollybrook Health Psychology provides a range of psychological services to promote wellbeing and healthier lifestyles. We adopt a personalised approach within individual therapy to provide a space for personal and professional development and reflection on life.

We help people wanting to improve their work/life balance, those who are experiencing stress, anxiety, sleep issues, and overwhelm and support people who are dealing with the psychological and emotional impacts of health, injury and illness. We work with you to set goals, to strengthen your confidence, and enhance positive thinking.

Online and Face to Face Appointments

My approach to therapy is personalised and solution focused so I work with you to understand your difficulties, help you to set goals and create tailored solutions and treatment plans. I aim to provide you with knowledge and skills and will work with you to identify and enhance your existing coping tools using a compassionate approach. Each person is a unique individual and so an integrative approach combining different tools may be needed to bring positive change.

Professional Health Psychology Supervision.

We are an experienced provider of psychology supervision services including professional health psychology supervision.

We are a private psychology practice currently taking on a caseload of adults.
We have evening therapy clinics running from 6pm-9pm Tuesday and Thursday.
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Professional Health Psychology Therapy and Supervision

We are an experienced provider of psychological therapy and supervision services including professional health psychology supervision.

Therapuetic help for

Anxiety is a natural response when we are afraid, worried, or tense. It can affect our body and mind with physical sensations and negative thoughts. Here at Hollybrook Health Psychology we can support you with occasional anxieties such as problems at work, before an exam or test. Sometimes anxiety doesn’t away and gets worse over time and can then interfere with our daily lives. Talking therapies, relaxation techniques and directed self-help can all be useful in managing anxiety, and promoting wellbeing and flourishing.

Chronic illness can impact your physical and psychological health. As a Health Psychologist I take a holistic view and look at the biological, psychological, and social impacts and how your overall quality of life is affected as a result of the health condition. It may, for example, affect your sleep, mobility, sense of identity, and may result in feelings of loss and isolation. Hollybrook Health Psychology can help you to manage your long term condition using an integrative approach to help you understand the health condition and symptoms, and support coping with emotional impacts.

Talking therapies can be very effective at treating fears and phobias (e.g. of medical and dental appointments, flying, objects) and are recommended as a treatment for anxiety and panic disorders. I will support you with self-help advice, relaxation techniques and evidence-based interventions. I understand it can be difficult to seek advice for fears and phobias especially if doing so involves a situation you fear. I can support you to talk about your feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help with the management of IBS symptoms by improving symptom severity and managing the stress associated with continuous symptoms. It is recommended by NICE as part of the management of irritable bowel syndrome for individuals experiencing a continuous symptom profile.

Hollybrook Health Psychology can help you to develop positive time management strategies, reduce procrastination, and consider the prioritisation of tasks. I can support you to develop your communication skills by tackling confidence and assertiveness. We can explore how your lifestyle and behaviour can impact on your physical health and set goals to help manage time, overcome injury or career disruption, and make decisions. I also take a limited number of cases with the goal of supporting safe weight loss.

Persistent anxiety and/or low mood can affect your quality of life. You may experience low self-esteem and may have lost interest in normally enjoyable activities. Psychological therapy can help you to understand your thought patterns, set goals, can motivate, and provide an effective way to support you with managing anxiety and/or low mood.

With over a decade of experience working in women’s health I will tailor sessions to your symptoms and needs. Hormonal changes can cause a range of impacts and effects including low confidence, worry, health anxiety and physical symptoms. Drawing upon up to date research I will provide you with information about the link between hormones and women’s health, will teach you skills to manage your responses, and use therapeutic techniques to support your wellbeing.

Chronic pain is common and can affect your sleep, work, relationships and everyday activities. Understanding how pain is affecting your quality of life is important and we will discuss this during the initial assessment session. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and exercise programmes are recommended by NICE for the management of chronic primary pain. Everyone experiences pain differently so I work with you to understand pain responses and identify solutions to manage your individual pain symptoms.

Sleep difficulties happen from time to time but if sleep issues continue they can impact on our quality of life and general health. A lack of regular sleep can impact on both the body and mind and increases the risk of a number of medical conditions including diabetes and heart disease as well as the risk of accidents. It can affect your concentration, working and home life and your mood. We will work together to look at the thoughts and behaviours that can influence your sleep and identify strategies to promote good sleep hygiene.

Mental state can impact performance during training and competition. Professional sports hypnotherapy combined with techniques derived from neuroscience can help to enhance your natural ability and manage factors that can hinder sports performance such as anxiety, self-doubt, and negative feelings. Utilised by professionals from a range of sports, clinical hypnotherapy can be part of your preparation whether you are restoring or improving performance, a treatment plan will be tailored to your specific goals and needs.